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We make use of education environment surrounding a child.

 Each child is in a great variety of educational environments.There is a child who studies scheduling. There is a child who studies only when there is homework. Of each has all own study styles. On the other hand, parents' concerns for the child's study are also various. In addition, the study progress is different because of the class, and there are likes and dislikes to the teacher in the school. The situation in which the child is surrounded changes momently.
 We persist in the grasp of the situation in which such a child always changed is surrounded.How much early knowledge of the child is there?Is there a content of study right now prioritized?Is there a priority level?What is the target of the class?These are decided, and shared from among the conversation with the child. Especially, we encourage the class in the school most consciously. When here is prepared, school lessons are made to be received smoothly so that we may advise the point of the class to the child.When here is reviewed oppositely, the child is made to persist in the review, and child's adaptability is deepened.
 Of course, it is also possible to advance ahead and preparation previously besides school lessons.
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