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We bring up child's motivation.

 When giving birth, man does in the condition similar to the white paper. And, he doesn't have knowledge at all. All things meeting for the child are new, and he absorbs it. When the child's world extends, he also has a new meeting. And, he has an experience different from ahead. He has the doubt, has curiosity thus, and the tension rises. A new action (motivation) arises to cancel this tension.
 Child has curiosity and creativity. But his ability is often shaved off little by little at the home and the school.
 We are giving the student a lot of chances of the selection as one of the methods of raising child's motivation. We are preparing many various choices for the child about the content studied on the day, time zone, and the day of the class. When the child selects it by himself/herself, it is possible to become considerably positive. Anyway, the colors of child's eyes are different. In that case, the child can consent even if he or she fails. We develop child's ability overall.
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