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We convince the child to proceed with his study.

 In the school in Japan, the teacher explains order good, and it is written on the blackboard. Or, the teacher advances the class while making the student sum up the point and write in the print. The conclusion is taken in the direction that the teacher was drawing at the end though the teacher requests the opinion from the student. There is a conclusion in the beginning.
 The child originally has the desire that tries to be learnt. However, the child will stop thinking if child's opinion is not valued, and it is brought together by the teacher's conclusion. Because the child has to remember only the teacher's conclusion.
 We value child's opinion. In an actual class, student's thought process is read while observing the appearance after the student begins to solve the problem. At the same time, we write it down in the mind if there are an insufficient point and a point that should be renewed. And, the process that has been being solved is talked about when finishing solving it. We lead the child to think about good way to solve through the conversation, and to notice the mistake for myself. By repeating such an activity, We convince the child to proceed with his study.
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