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We value child's study style.

 There is a child who quickly solves the problem when the appearance that the child is studying is seen. There is a child who doesn't try to solve it easily even if time is deliberately spent on the other hand, too.Moreover,there is a child who solve the problem but does a lot of mistakes. There is a child who holds out to the last minute even if it takes time. There is a child who studies elaborately scheduling. There is a child who does to memorize it to cram roundly. Thus, the person has his study style and pace respectively.
 By the way, the study style is formed by doing the experience after we are born repeatedly.The child actually experiences by himself, solves, and acquires the solution pattern of my own way. How do it become it if this collapses by the cause of something?The child suddenly loses settling down, and the efficiency of study falls.
 When is it efficient?In when is it inefficient?Knowing child's pace, and making to child's are important. To obtain the maximum learning effect in consideration of child's study style and pace, we teach it.
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