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We raise child's inside world.

 The one at which children are looking, the one that children feel, the one to which children stick, they are different respectively. Even if it is important for me, other people can't understand me without my explaining politely spending time. Moreover, thinking that I am correct and other people are correct might be quite different. Therefore, it is thought that do not look for correspondences in a hurry.
 However, we need to put trust that it is possible to understand each other finally by talking. Anyway, we have to live watching own inside world.
 It is no relation to the actually feeling, the real intention, and the consent if you swallow what others say or if you study without feeling the necessity of your own way. What you learnt is only "Borrowed thing" indefinitely. It will not become own wisdom.
 We value child's actually feeling and real intention more in such a meaning. And, we construct the educational environment based on it.
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