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We believe own possibility and make an effort.

 An ultimate target to educate is that what human should be itself grows up. The child remembers, and understands a variety of matters through the study of every day. The child's fundamental emotions(a view, how to feel it, and criteria of things) are changed by solving the problem. We should value the change that takes place by such child's mind.
 However, we are not because we accept all child's real intentions. Child's feelings might be selfish, be very shallow, and be one-sided. As for the real intention, there might be a lot of egocentric, selfish one. Therefore, it is necessary to change those itself at the same time as applying the custom of valuing actually feeling, consent, and the real intention.
 The child comes to be able to make an effort by believing own possibility for the first time by the child's noticing a principle oneself inside, and improving it even to recognition and the sense of values of a fair, impartial sharing. And, we always think what we can do for children, and do our best for children.
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